Kitchen Exhaust System

The objective of a kitchen range exhaust system is to capture moisture and airborne contaminants created during cooking, and vent them to the outside. The selection of an exhaust system is largely dependent on the size and type of range, and its intended use. Wall mounted hoods are the most common exhaust system used in the residential kitchen; however, island canopy hoods and downdraft systems have risen in popularity in recent years. The goal of an exhaust system specifier should be to provide an adequate, but not excessive, amount of exhaust without jeopardizing occupant safety or comfort. First, a homeowner or buyer should assess their cooking habits and select appliances based on need rather than a “bigger is better” mentality. Larger appliances demand more power and require larger exhaust systems leading to higher operation costs, and increased risk of house/hotel depressurization and associated hazards. In addition, every cubic foot of exhausted air is a cubic foot of makeup air that must be heated or cooled at the owner’s expense.

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